NICH Cosmetics has successfully landed in Thailand

NICH Cosmetics Pop-up Store

NICH opening launch pop-up stores runs as a complete success…
…and planning is racing ahead for next year!

It all started with a bang… 3 bangs to be precise. 

That was how NICH began her entrance into Thailand. 3 pop-up stores were set-up to introduce NICH and its new product range. The pop-up stores which were set up at SCB Park Plaza, Muang Thai Phatra Complex and Sathorn Thani Complex were welcome by an impressive 4,213 turnout during the 3 weeks from 24 October to 11 November 2019.

NICH cosmetics is a brand from Singapore that creates makeup cosmetics with the power of ingredients and formulating with the right balance of both natural and chemical ingredients. The company’s purpose is to create high quality, clean and safe cosmetics without toxic and harmful ingredients at affordable prices. 

During the event, founders Mr Melvin Tan and Ms Nichapa Kannachanan were on hand to tend to customers where they emphasized on NICH’s value proposition and how by combining the best of nature and science, effective makeup products with great skin care benefits have been created to be suitable for the Thai customers in their environment and climate.

The cosmetics were produced under thorough and meticulous research and development efforts to exclude harmful ingredients such as BHA/BHT, parabens, phthalates and triclosan. These are compounds that are found commonly in our every-day personal care and beauty products, which could potentially cause hormonal disruptions, skin irritation, organ toxicity and increasing the risk of certain cancers. Their message was clear: cosmetics products can be clean, safe, effective, fun and trendy at the same time but more ingredients knowledge has to be imparted to make consumers are more aware.

Some other highlights of the event was the free make-up session with the cosmetics beauticians where they provide useful tips to customers on how to apply the cosmetics products, product sampling for customers, and the event-only promotion of all products. To add icing on the cake, the brand launch event hosted a Q&A session where lucky participants were awarded with complimentary giveaways.

During the closing event at Sathorn Thani Complex, the company has revealed plans to extend their channels on both online and offline platforms. Customers are able to obtain their products from the website, social channels (e.g. LINE, Facebook and Instagram), online market places (e.g. Lazada and Shopee). Furthermore, customers will also be able to get their products from major chain stores Eve & Boy, Watsons, Beautrium and Cosmobeaute next year.

Look forward to NICH’s product in the various retail outlet in 2020.

See you soon!

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